Friday, July 24, 2009

A warm welcome from Scad the Beggars

Scad the Beggars

7 piece group based in North Antrim

We play the music of 
Ulster, Scotland, Northumberland
& Appalachia.

As well as singers, we play a wide variety 
of instruments including:

Scottish Smallpipes, Fifes, Whistles,
Northumbrian Pipes, Fiddles, Mandolins,
English Concertina, Piano Accordion,
Oboe, Harp, Nyckelharpa, Guitar plus
Mountain & Hammered Dulcimers.

We play & sing every Tuesday night in Ma-Kelly's
Church St., Ballymoney.
This is an Open Session so everyone is welcome 
to come along &/or bring an instrument & join in.

As well as our weekly informal session, we have 
performed at a variety of functions & events over 
the years, including Concerts, Burns Nights, 
Weddings, Costume Period Events & in local 
Nursing Homes.

To keep up to date with our activities,
you can follow us on Facebook.

Anyone wishing us to play at their event or 
function, can contact us on:



eMail us at:

Here's a lovely thank you letter I just received, following a recent gig.

"It was a great night, many thanks to yourself, Alan, Sam, Reilly, Sabine, Deborah & Steven.
The performance lived up to my expectations. A member from Wales has even gone home planning to buy low & high whistIes to accompany his wife on the accordion.
There were many compliments on the band and some people said they would have been happy to sit on a lot later!
Thanks again for giving us such great entertainment last Friday night.
I hope to see you at Ma Kelly's sometime in the not too distant future. Very best regards, Mark"

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Ulster-Scots Music Tuition 

Fiddle & Tin Whistle Classes!

Every Tuesday evening in the Ullans Centre, Ballymoney.
All welcome, including complete beginners.
Fiddle: 7 to 8pm ... Tin Whistle: 8 to 9pm

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History of ~ Scad the Beggars

Scad the Beggars
We have actually been on the go, in various guises, since 2002. 
This was when we first got together to promote the
Here's a photo of the original line up.
This Blog then, is a little potted history of our musical journey, so far, we hope you find it interesting. 

Before I start though, perhaps I should just explain that the expression 'Scad the Beggar', which we adapted for our name, is a local term for Mealie-Crushie, which is oatmeal fried in bacon fat, known in some parts of Scotland as Creesh-Mealie - so now you know!

For those not familiar with the music & song of this area, let me explain that, due to the close proximity of Scotland, the music and song popular in North Antrim has always been heavily influenced by Scottish material, so during any typical musical soirĂ©e in North Antrim, you would always expect to hear a healthy mixture of both Irish and Scottish material.

If you live in North Antrim, we sincerely hope that you will manage to come along a enjoy our weekly informal Sessions in the Bushmills Inn. If you are yourself a musician and or singer we would especially encourage you to come along and join us, to share your musical talent.

On the other hand, if you are planning to visit this area and would like to come along to one of our Sessions, whether to join in yourself or just to listen, then please do get in touch, either through this Blog or by sending me an  E-mail we look forward to meeting you.

Scad the Beggars ..... NEWS!
Recent Session in Ma-Kelly's
Three popular Scottish Country Dance tunes, played by Scad the Beggars at their weekly session in Ma~Kelly's, Ballymoney, last night, with guest Gwilym Davies on Spoons.

Girl in the Blue Dress / The Kettle Drum / The Piper's Cave!

 'Scad the Beggars' on TV

Watch out for us on your TV, cause we actually feature in a new TV Advert for Northern Ireland, which is doing the rounds just now, in early 2010, & is being seen throughout Scotland, England & Wales.


Dick Glasgow on BBC 1's 'Country Tracks' 

Dick Glasgow was featured in a recent edition of BBC 1's 'Country Tracks'
The show ended up at Dick's other regular weekly session in the Springhill Bar, Portrush, where, as well as featuring clips of the musicians & their music, Dick was interviewed at length by the lovely Ellie Harrison and even gave her a brief lesson in the art of playing the Bodhran.

On the new BBC Ulster Scots website there's a recording of an interview,
dating from 2004, which I gave, where I express a few thoughts
on Ulster Scots Music.
Here's a recent video of us playing in Ma-Kelly's Pub, Ballymoney.

Now, let me introduce you to the members of Scad the Beggars .........


Dick Glasgow ~ Fiddle, Hammered Dulcimer, Nyckelharpa, Mandolin & Concertinas.

Dick Glasgow, Scotsmanborn in Edinburgh by the way, just to confuse everyone, has played the Traditional Music of Scotland and Ireland for nearly forty years. 
Dick, who is the founding member of Scad the Beggars, is a full time musician who spends his days tutoring children in local Primary Schools, encouraging them to learn to play music and is keen to promote Traditional Music in North Antrim.

Dick giving a school presentation

His Grandfather was a Highland Piper and his Great Grandfather was a Fiddler so I guess you could say music is in his blood. Naturally enough he plays the Fiddle, but he also plays the Hammered Dulcimer, an instrument which has a long history in Co. Antrim, but nowhere else in Ireland. So Dick is keen to play his Dulcimer at every opportunity, to help keep alive this dying Antrim tradition. 
Another of his musical passions is the Concertina and unusually, Dick not only plays the Anglo Concertina but also the English Concertina. The former is the Concertina of choice for Traditional Irish musicians while the English Concertina is the instrument favoured by Concertina enthusiasts in Scotland.
Anyway, here is Dick playing a selection of Traditional Scottish Tunes on his Hammered Dulcimer.

The Boys and Girl from County Clare ~ The Movie

Dick coached one of the actors for the movie, 
to have him look like he really was playing the Fiddle. 
Dick also had the honour of choosing the tune, 
'The Rolling Waves', for the movie. 
He also had a cameo role at the start of the movie. 
You can see him here in this clip, as the brother's Fiddling Dad.

Dick has also produced two tapes and one CD.

Tape one: 'Rathlin Sound'

Tape Two: 'To the Bridge

For the tapes Dick chose numerous local musicians
to play the variety of North Antrim tunes he selected for this project.
For the CD, 'From a Northern Shore',  
Dick wrote a number of tunes especially for this project.

I was lucky enough to be asked to play on a Northern Irish TV show this week. 
It promotes live music here & you can still catch it on the:

To learn more about my world of Traditional Music, visit my Blog:


Sabine Glasgow ~ Harp, Vocals & Fifes

Another founding member of Scad the Beggars is Sabine Glasgow
Although a native of Germany, she has lived for almost 30 years now in first Scotland and then Northern Ireland.
Sabine has a lifelong interest in the Traditional Music and Song of not only Scotland and Ireland but also Wales.

Wearing a number of different musical hats she is equally at home playing her Clarsach for Church Weddings, her Gothic Harp for Medieval Fayres and Jousts, in full Medieval Costume of course, or her Knee or Lap Harp for Pub Sessions with Scad the Beggars
Sabine is also very fond of playing wind instruments too, so during any performance by Scad the Beggars, you are likely to hear her play Fife and Flute, Shawm and Crumhorn

Here is Sabine on her Harp, accompanying her husband Dick, who is playing a Scottish tune, The Vital Spark, on the English Concertina.

Dick & Sabine also enjoy playing the Ancient Music of Ireland.
They usually play this music in costume at period events each year.
Here they are playing in their tent at an event with friends:
Ferris is playing the English Great Pipe & Sam Symphonia,
Sabine is on Harp & Dick on Hammered Dulcimer.
During this past Summer, '09, Sabine, Dick & their friends Ferris & Sam recorded four tracks
of Medieval Music with percussionists Wilson & Thomas for a new movie 'Your Highness'
This Medieval fantasy is actually being filmed in Northern Ireland & we spent three very
exciting days in costume being filmed as the Medieval Band, for the movie.
Here we are in costume.

Sabine with a very exotic wig.

Alan Wade ~ Scottish Smallpipes

Local man Alan Wade played in Pipe Bands for years and indeed comes from a very musical North Antrim family, for his father played not only Highland Pipes but also Uilleann Pipes.
Fortunately, Alan followed in his father's footsteps and although he still plays the Highland Pipes, he is keen to promote his chosen instrument the Scottish Smallpipes when he plays with the Beggars in Session and Concert.
Alan is one of the founding members of Scad the Beggars and here he is, playing a selection of Scottish tunes on his Scottish Smallpipes.


Riley Piddington ~ Lead Vocals & Guitar

Riley Piddington is a local man who supported the Black Nun Folk Club for many years, regularly performing floor spots on Guitar with his 'partner in crime' Desie Hasson.
Riley has been fond of singing Irish and Scottish Ballads for many years now, with his love of this musical form going back to the days of the Folk Revival.
Here is an example of Riley at work with the Beggars, at one of our weekly Sessions.