Friday, July 24, 2009

Scad the Beggars at the 'Black Nun Folk Club'

As well as playing at literally hundreds of informal Sessions over the years, Scad the Beggars have also played at a variety of clubs and festivals.

For eight years I ran the Black Nun Folk Club in North Antrim, to not only help promote local musicians and singers but also to inspire by bringing talented musicians and singers to the area, who might otherwise never be seen here.

Looking down through the list of previous guests you will see that instead of the more traditional folk club approach, I opted for a far more eclectic variety of guest artist, so as well as Traditional Irish and Scottish Singers and Musicians, I invited many Singer SongwritersBluegrass and Old Time Musicians plus a number of Rock and Country groups too, so folks knew that the only thing they should expect, on a Black Nun night, was the unexpected!

Scad the Beggars would usually start the Black Nun nights off, so over the years you could say we have supported a huge variety of musicians, which was a great way for us to give our material exposure.
However, one of the main functions of Black Nun was to encourage local musicians and singers, so although Scad the Beggars would usually get the night started, I always encouraged other local musicians and singers to get up and perform a couple of numbers too. 
Two such regular attenders and performers were Riley Piddington and Desie Hasson who are now actually members of the regular Scad the Beggars line up.

Riley Piddington and Desie Hasson
Headliners: Scottish group 'MALINKY'
One of the highlights of the Black Nun years was the Black Nun Fest in 2003. 
As you will see from the festival programme, there was a great line up and members of Scad the Beggars were always on hand to play.
John Rea of Glenarm
Another wonderful Black Nun event was the Castle Kitchen Concert which I organised in Glenarm Castle, which once again, saw Scad the Beggars helping to kick start the night.
Probably the most ambitious Black Nun event took place in Bushmills in 2005, with the Causeway Dulcimer Festival which, like the Black Nun Fest before it, had a truly international line up. 
I organised this event in memory of the late, great John Rea of Glenarm, and also to highlight the vanishing Hammered Dulcimer of Co Antrim
Once again, members of Scad the Beggars stepped up to perform at a variety of formal and informal events throughout the festival weekend.

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