Friday, July 24, 2009

Sabine Glasgow ~ Harp, Vocals & Fifes

Another founding member of Scad the Beggars is Sabine Glasgow
Although a native of Germany, she has lived for almost 30 years now in first Scotland and then Northern Ireland.
Sabine has a lifelong interest in the Traditional Music and Song of not only Scotland and Ireland but also Wales.

Wearing a number of different musical hats she is equally at home playing her Clarsach for Church Weddings, her Gothic Harp for Medieval Fayres and Jousts, in full Medieval Costume of course, or her Knee or Lap Harp for Pub Sessions with Scad the Beggars
Sabine is also very fond of playing wind instruments too, so during any performance by Scad the Beggars, you are likely to hear her play Fife and Flute, Shawm and Crumhorn

Here is Sabine on her Harp, accompanying her husband Dick, who is playing a Scottish tune, The Vital Spark, on the English Concertina.

Dick & Sabine also enjoy playing the Ancient Music of Ireland.
They usually play this music in costume at period events each year.
Here they are playing in their tent at an event with friends:
Ferris is playing the English Great Pipe & Sam Symphonia,
Sabine is on Harp & Dick on Hammered Dulcimer.
During this past Summer, '09, Sabine, Dick & their friends Ferris & Sam recorded four tracks
of Medieval Music with percussionists Wilson & Thomas for a new movie 'Your Highness'
This Medieval fantasy is actually being filmed in Northern Ireland & we spent three very
exciting days in costume being filmed as the Medieval Band, for the movie.
Here we are in costume.

Sabine with a very exotic wig.

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